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To download whole albums, use the links on the right. Also some are in RAR folders, so you have to unzip them with WinRAR. To download single songs, click an album, right-click the song, and then "save link as".

Album Artist Year Genre Download
OMS-1 ch4rl33 2012 indietronic blastoff
NY, i xxxxd you Charlee 2011 electronic xxxx me!
Ghost EP Charlee 2011 electronic(a!) dead
The Why EP Charlee 2010 electronic(a?) always
The Way Charlee 2010 alt. dance me!
Emulsifying Sounds Charlee 2009 new wave-ish me!!!!1
Moving Down Motions Charlee 2009 electronic ME!
Thinking Up Thoughts Charlee 2008 indie you!
Jams RoboShinobi '06-'10 jazzy us?
Junkyard Robot EP RoboShinobi 2005 indie them..


This frame thing sucks, so I put all my new remixes on soundcloud

Album Year Download
MMM... Mega Man Mixes 2010 me!!?
Blackbird Blackbird - Sunspray 2010 ah
Bon Iver - Flume 2010 wtfisaflume
Dancing Pigeons - Ritalin 2010 yummy
Dr. Mario Fever 2010 ER
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal 2010 them
Flight Facilities - Crave You 2010 cravedher
Francoise Hardy - Mon Amie La Rose 2010 her
Haideh - Saal 2010 years
KiD CuDi - Pursuit of Happiness 2010 him
Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance 2010 ow
Metric - Gold Guns Girls 2010 ooo
Mika - Big Girl (You are Beautiful) 2010 damn!
Pink Floyd - Time 2010 travel
Pokemon Lucky Channel 2010 ohio
Sleigh Bells - Run the Heart 2011 RUN
Radiohead - Paranoid Android 2010 attacks
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name 2010 anonym
When in Rome - The Promise 2010 regarding

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